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China and plot to take over Vietnam

NgocAnhLe - With an area approximately 3.5 million km2, the “East Ocean” is one of the largest sea in the world. The “East Ocean” have many important maritime, aviation traffic lines between Asia and Europe, and among many other important areas of Asia. In addition, the “East Ocean” is the important site military strategy not only for all the countries in South-East Asia but also it is the strategic trade site between the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

There are three main Sea Islands: Dong Sa, Hoang Sa and Truong Sa. Both the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa are territories of Vietnam for a long time life and occupied a large sea areas: Hoang Sa area is roughly 13,000 km2; Truong Sa area roughly 18,000 km2.

In a strategically vital position on the “East Ocean” just off the coast of Vietnam about 120-250 miles, it is an area where there is potential for the abundant oil, so two Hoang Sa islands, Truong Sa Islands is two important positions on the “East Ocean” of the military and economy of Vietnam. In the global strategy, China is not easy to pass up this opportunity, the “East Ocean” is the goal priorities.

Vietnam, constantly on the determine the sovereignty of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, raised on the evidence to determine the link related, by all means, express fierce attitude. But people still see that China just of course conducted what they want. China banned all boat circulations in the “East Ocean” including the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa islands area in the time they hold their military exercises causing the upheaval for the normal trade; recently they rudely banned Vietnam to exploit the oil fields in the area of “East Ocean”

Tensions is over the limit when the Vietnam fishing boats continuously got the pressure by the Chinese navy on the “East Ocean”. The Vietnamese ship was often sunk by China ship even on their own territory. Chinese navy regularly and openly performed the violation of Vietnam ocean limit on Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Islands, in particular China want to promote oil exploration in the disputed areas.

Despite public opinion within the country and abroad, China tried to perform their conspiracy to quickly become a large-scale power in Asia and the Pacific, being a same peer with the United States, Japan in the region. China is to spread the campaign to occupy the complete “East Ocean” in priority because this is the strategic position of the area. To own the “East Ocean” is about constraining both South East Asia and maritime traffic from the Pacific Ocean through India. This is also known as the resource-rich region, it is the oil that China does not want to slip into the control in other countries.

The evasion of the territory

After China occupied Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Islands, the development in relationship between the two countries is still going on a very normal way, nothing happens. China continued to gain more projects, with large size of country range, including the bauxite project in Highlands.

Talking about the bauxite project in Highlands, if Communist Party of Vietnam is more careful in terms of military strategy, it is certain that they had not let the invasion of China into an area as important strategic as the Highlands. Communist Party of Vietnam is very clear that this will be a deadly risk if the Highlands was politically taken by China. Furthermore, the bauxite is really a precious and valuable resources in relation to military's uranium but the government will sell it with the price of rough material to China, the dangerous problem can be also known while the exploit of the bauxite can destroy the environment of the area. 

Experts then said:

"If implementing bauxite projects, environmental condition will suffer a negative impact to the water of the Highlands, not enough water to grow the industry rubber, tea and coffee trees. About ecology, it will adversely affect the climate of the South Central region and Cambodia, drought lasts, floods will be more often" (TuanVietnamnet).

"Mining the bauxite ore processed into alumina is a process to spend a huge amount of water and electricity. Certainly the emissions of greenhouse gas and the red mud will destroy monstrously the environment. Water resources of the Highlands serious decline in recent years, if the water demand for mining bauxite, certainly Highlands will die because of a lack of water”... (Professor Dao Cong Tien).

It is clear that the communist Vietnam has yielded very extreme to China, unusual to be demand depression, scared.

As a result of this attitude of Vietnam, China always push pressure and rush Vietnam on every issue. For China that Vietnam is just a country being very easy to wipe out in the current situation: partnership, investment between countries and Vietnam is not yet developed, unilaterally about politics, weakness of the military and especially poor economically, but occupying an important strategic position in the South East Asia?

Just a few preliminary analysis described above for conceding enough to identify that now as well as in the future, China has always been a threat mainly for sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as for security and development of Vietnam. If someone just look at the system of the Communist government, independent party, multi-state, as currently as the pontoon rescue are completely wrong.

Well, where is the glorious time that Trung Trac, Trung Nhi, proudly in olden times, stood up with fatherland, in front of the ancestral altar, to swear to death to China the invader.

"One is to wash the entire national enemy,
Two is to bring back the mighty Hung Empire ...”
                                              (Quote: Thien Nam Ngu Luc)  


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